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Post by Broke Yakin on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:30 pm

This website and forum was created to facilitate the sharing of information that might lead to the capture of aquatic gang bosses throughout the world. That is to say, if you would like to participate in creating a story line to continue the Aquatic Gang Task Force Investigations International YouTube series, you can post your ideas on this forum. Great minds think alike, and I've got some of the best subscribers on YouTube, so share away! This concept is in its infancy, so hang in there as we work out kinks. Contribute at your leisure as the show will go on either way, so this is a stress free method of collaboration.

If you have an idea about a story line direction for any aquatic or semi-aquatic wildlife, simply scroll down to the category called "Investigations and Assignments" and select the appropriate forum. If you think that 5 lb bass you caught yesterday might be an underboss responsible for the transportation of illicit street drugs, for example, click the link titles "freshwater files" and click on "New Topic". Next, enter a title which indicates the main them of your idea and the target species, then tell us about your idea in the body of your post. Just hit send, and I will look over your idea shortly. Once the community has grown to include many investigators, we will all be able to has over the idea and iron out a solid direction for your new character or plot point. The next step if to include the idea in an episode, along with any pictures, video, or audio that you might want to submit for inclusion.

You can insert YouTube videos, images, and links into your post, or you can email your media to me at sparrowsquad@gmail.com. By submitting ideas and/or media, you are authorizing myself and the Broke Yakin YouTube channel to use these materials as I or anyone working within the channel see fit.

We are currently in the process of designing logos, badges, and other promotional materials, and anyone that submits materials used during the production of an episode will receive one or more of these items free of charge. You will also then become a member of our investigative team and will be given the title of "Investigator" on this forum, and will be referenced as such in the episode. If you have a YouTube channel, feel free to use your channel's name as a username on this site and to be used in the episode that you are included in. This will also serve to boost your channel's performance. For each episode that your content is included in, a link to your channel will be included in that video's description.

Please also take the time to introduce yourself in the "Welcome to the Team" category. Please include your name (username/YT channel name is fine), age, gender, location (general is fine), and the type of outdoor activity that you most often participate in. This will help me us get to know who you are better so we can fine tune our ideas. For example, if you're only 17 years old, I wouldn't ask you take a picture of yourself in a bar for use in an episode, and if you live in Arkansas I wouldn't ask you if you can record video at a beach. Tell us a bit about any experience that you may have with video, audio, photography, or writing as well.

All of these things will help maximize the efficiency of sharing and using information, BUT THESE THINGS AREN'T NECESSARY! If you are simply interested in sharing an idea and sitting back to see if it shows up or not, feel free to just register and post it. If you'd rather not register, you can always simply post your idea on one of the episode video on YouTube, send me a direct message on YouTube, or contact me on facebook, twitter, or instagram. This is about having fun and developing an interesting story while also involving our community, so don't take it too seriously!

This idea is brand new, so even this welcome message is subject to change. I will leave this thread open to facilitate any ideas about this concept or questions about it's functionality below. If you have a question or a suggestion, please reply to this thread after registering.

Thank you for visiting our forum, and we hope that you'll become a part of the team!


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